Apple’s Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter Now Offers iPhone Capability

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Apple’s Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter, which was originally meant for the iPads, now offers compatibility with iPhone 5 and up as well.

The support was added with the last iOS update that delivered iOS version 9.2 to compatible iPhones. However, Apple — reasons or simply an oversight? — kept mum on the topic and released the information only on Tuesday.

Along with the lightning-to-camera adapter, which is available for $29 on the Apple Shop, the company has also announced a lightning-to-SD Card Camera Reader which offers USB 3.0 speeds when connected to an iPad Pro while also equipped with iPhone compatibility. The card reader is capable of transfer at USB 2.0 speeds when used with other iPads and iPhones.

The lightning is a series of 9-Pin bidirectional connectors that were introduced by Apple in 2012 as a replacement for the old 30-Pin connectors and was one of the factors responsible for the sleek iPhone 5 body.

The lightning accessory is a welcome addition considering that it will be able to make use of the significantly higher speeds provided by the 3.0 port Apple included with the Pro without any fanfare. As for just how much faster, 3.0 is capable of data transfer at speeds upto 10x of anything 2.0 ports can manage.

Well, for now the iPad Pro remains the only device with an embedded 3.0 port. However, the introduction of accessories that are capable of transfer at ultra high speeds along with the addition of iPhone compatibility, may hint at the possibility of future iPhones packing the 3.0 port under their hood.

Republished with permission from The Tech Portal.




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