Oukitel U2 Review

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Oukitel, a new company from China which is aiming to capture the entry-level to mid-range smartphone market, is quite new. If you have not heard the name before, it’s not your fault.

The U2 is the company’s one such offering which is targeting entry-level market. So, let’s find out if the phone is good enough or not.

Design and Build

The Oukitel U2’s design is simple. It is a simple rectangular block with rounded corners. But, the 2.5D glass on front as well as back makes it look beautiful.

The phone’s design is not new. In fact, it will remind you a popular phone from a big brand. Considering the budget offering of the phone, the design is well.


The frame of the phone is built of metal and features a curved 2.5D glass at front and at back. On the top, there is a microUSB port and a 3.5mm audio jack for earphones.

On the right side, there is lock/unlock button while on the right side, there is a volume rocker key. The button quality is not so good and feels very cheap.


At the top of the front part, there lies an earpiece at center, surrounded by a 5 MP front facing camera and sensors. Below the 5-inch display, there are three capacitive keys – menu, home, and back.

The back is has glossy glass finish and is a fingerprint magnet. But, in the white model, the fingerprint are not much visible.

There is an 8 MP camera with LED flash at the top-left side at back and a Oukitel branding at the bottom. Below branding, there is a speaker grille.

But overall, the phone looks good and premium and also feels good while using.


There is a 5-inch display with screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. This is not the sharpest display in this price range, but it’s better than few others out there in the market.

If you look closely, you can easily notice the pixilation of icons around the edges. The color reproduction of the display is also not accurate but the display is pretty bright.

The viewing angles are great and the sunlight visibility is also great. You can easily use the phone even under bright sunlight.

 Software and UI

The phone comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. The software is almost stock Android but the company has made some changes.

Like every other Chinese smartphone company, Oukitel has included its own icon pack which replaces stock icons with more colorful icons. Also, the recent app drawer’s UI has been changed to something similar to that of MIUI.

It also comes pre-loaded with few third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but the bloat wares are comparatively low than other devices.

The phone comes with gesture and motion controls. While few of them are actually useful, many of them seems gimmicky.

However, as the ROM is basic stock Android, the performance is quite good with day to day tasks.


The Oukitel U2 comes powered by a MediaTek MT6735 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. It is coupled with 1GB of RAM and Mali-T720 GPU.

The combination is good for light to medium usage but if you are thinking about gaming, don’t get your hopes high. But it’s good for light gaming. You can play games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc. smoothly.

If there are more than a few apps running in the background, you will experience lags. There is also a problem of dropped frames. Checking it’s AnTuTu scores, it fares ahead of other budget phones like Moto E, which is quite good consedering

The output from the speaker is good. For such a cheap phone, the video and audio output is decent.


While I didn’t expect much from the camera of the phone in the first place, it still was capable to disappoint me.

The images captured with the phone lacks details. The contrast and exposure are totally off. However, amongst many bad, there is a good thing about camera. The color reproduction of the captured photo is good.


If you are thinking about low-light photography, then just forget about it. In low light, the photos are almost dark and you can’t figure out anything from the photo.

The video quality is also not good and lacks every details.

Overall, the camera is not good and looks like the company has just added the camera for the sake of marketing.

Battery and Others

The phone is powered by a 2,050 mAh Li-ion battery which is claimed to give 83 hours of stand-by time, 11 hours of internet surfing. As the display is not resource intensive, the battery can easily last for a day on light usage.


There were no issues in terms of connectivity options offered on the device. The 4G LTE works, as so does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, without any issues. It also supports HotKnot Technology for file transfer via Wi-Fi Hotspot.


The Oukitel U2 is a well-built device for this price range. It looks good and also performs well. Other then the camera, there is nothing really bad about the phone which can be a deal breaker.

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a phone with good built quality, decent performance for day to day tasks and battery which could last for an entire day, this phone may be for you.

You can buy Oukitel U2 for $99 from Pandawill and other online phone retailers.




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