Apple and Samsung offer heavy discounts on tablets as end of quarter approcahes

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As usual, this festive season has brought a hoard of discounts for all gadget freaks. Apple and Samsung have slashed down the price tags on their tablet line-up to a great extent as the end of the fourth quarter approaches.

According to a report by DigiTimes, Apple is expected to sell around 20 million iPads in the fourth quarter, while Samsung’s tablet sales may reach 12 million units. Both the brands are putting in their best efforts and discounts (that part that certainly lure buyers) in order to rise on the sales chart.

Samsung is offering $50 off on its 8.4-inch 16GB Galaxy Tab Pro with the final price tag displaying US$249, while the 7-inch 8GB Galaxy Tab 4 will be available for US$129. A significant amount of price cut has been offered on Samsung’s 8-inch LTE-ready Galaxy Tab 4. The unit is available for US$150, that amounts to only half its launch price. Samsung is also offering a US$100 discount for its 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro.

Apple is providing US$10-50 price cuts for its previous-generation iPad products. Though Apple is not offering a price-cut as big as Samsung, buyers still don’t hesitate to invest their sum and grab one of those master pieces.



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